Dataset Importer

Dataset Importer is a tool for uploading JSON Lines, CSV and Excel files into Elasticsearch to make them accessible for TEXTA Toolkit.



  • description - Normal description to separate any given task from the other ones.

  • index - Name of the newly created index, please note that Elasticsearch index naming restrictions apply.

  • separator - Only needed for .csv files, defaults to a comma (,). Allows to configure the separator for csv files.

  • file - File to import (JSON Lines, CSV, Excel)


As ElasticSearch has some restrictions, the dataset name format has the following constraints:
  • Lowercase only

  • Cannot include , /, *, ?, “, <, >, |, space (the character, not the word), ,, #

  • Indices prior to 7.0 could contain a colon (:), but that’s been deprecated and won’t be supported in 7.0+

  • Cannot start with -, _, +

  • Cannot be . or ..

  • Cannot be longer than 255 characters


You can navigate to the Dataset Importer by clicking on the “Dataset Importer” button located under the Tools dropdown menu. (Fig. 16).
Click on the CREATE button to open up a new form (Fig. 17).
Here you can:
  1. Set a description for the import task

  2. Set the Dataset name

  3. Specify a separator for CSV files (usually a comma)

  4. Browse and choose the file to be uploaded by clicking on the folder button.

Click on the Create button to start the Importer Task. Upon completion you can add the dataset to your project.


Fig. 16 Navigating to dataset importer


Fig. 17 Importing a new dataset


@ is special syntax for reading the binary of the given file name.

curl -H "Authorization: Token 8229898dccf960714a9fa22662b214005aa2b049" \
-F "description=Articles" \
-F "index=en_articles" \
-F "file=@FILE_NAME.csv" \